Behind the Scenes at San Antonio International Airport

The newly formed WTS Transportation YOU Club of the Young Women’s Leadership Academy, a high school in San Antonio, Texas, attended their first technical tour at the San Antonio International Airport. Junior and senior girls in the Transportation YOU program had the opportunity to learn about careers within the City of San Antonio Aviation Department and airline operations. The airport provides commercial airline service for the South Texas Region and serves more than 8 million passengers a year.

The tour began with a motivating introduction from Barbara Prossen, Marketing and Community Relations Director, ensuring the girls that “if you dream it, you think it, it happens!” They also heard from Ellen Erenbaum, Assistant Director of Finance and Administration; Desiree Alonzo, Stinson Airport Facilities Operations Coordinator; Tamera Marberry, Airport Parking Manager; Diane Cook, Project Control Manager, and Susan Saint Cyr, Senior Engineer from Planning and Development Department.TSA.001

The girls were taken into the terminal and spoke with a female TSA agent about her job responsibilities and security within an airport terminal.

They visited the customs department and spoke with Lois Hunter, Port Director, to understand the operations and duties of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Department. The girls even toured the runway and learned about the field operations of the San Antonio Airport from Maria Garcia, Airport Operations Supervisor.

Customs.001The WTS Transportation YOU girls learned a lot from this tour, but the number one thing the girls came away with was that the airport is like a city within a city. This tour gave them the opportunity to hear from many female department heads that help operate this “city” successfully. The San Antonio International Airport was very welcoming and WTS San Antonio member Nora Castro did an excellent job organizing the tour to educate the girls on the various career opportunities that are available.Runway.001




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