Boston Girls Get Hands-On Surveying Experience

The high school girls in the Transportation YOU Program at Shawsheen Regional Technical High School in Boston, Massachusetts, participated in a surveying workshop put together by the WTS Boston Chapter, Nitsch Engineering, and STV Incorporated. The girls were given a brief introduction to surveying … [Read more...]

Project Idea: How Strong is Your Suspension Bridge?

A bridge in which the deck (the load-bearing portion) is hung below suspension cables on vertical suspenders is called a suspension bridge. With tall towers, long spans, and gracefully curving cables, they are beautiful examples of the work of civil engineers. Wonder how the cables and towers carry … [Read more...]

Bridge Building Robots Programmed to be like Army Ants

Are today’s engineers and scientists really relying on Army ants for direction on how to program bridge-building robots of the future? It turns out Army ants are so good at balancing the cost-benefit trade-off of building living bridges that observing them can teach humans about collective … [Read more...]

Professional Spotlight: Jaclyn Raciti–Making a Difference in Rail Systems

Jaclyn Raciti was often told she would be a successful engineer because she was an exceptional math and science student in school. But it was during her undergraduate years at Drexel University that she found her passion for civil engineering. She wasn’t always sure which area of civil engineering … [Read more...]

Ohio Students Get an Inside Look at Columbus “Front Door”

WTS Columbus Chapter’s Transportation YOU program held a tour of the Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) facility in Ohio. CRAA representatives led the tour and 13 students and members of the ALL-THAT group, an at-risk outreach group, participated. Elaine Roberts, President and CEO of … [Read more...]

Hands-on Activity: Spaghetti Bridge

Contributed by: K-12 Outreach Office, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Copyright © 2005 Brown River Middle School Who do you think creates the human-made structures in the U.S.? Who makes sure they are safe for us to use? It is civil engineers who design and create structures such as buildings, … [Read more...]

Water Absorbing Roads Prevent Flooding

Could it be the end of flooded roads? Tarmac, a company in the United Kingdom, has discovered a potential solution to this problem. They have invented an innovative material that can soak up to 880 gallons of water a minute, which could either eliminate or reduce the threat of flash flooding. This … [Read more...]

Yinan Zheng: On the Road to an Exciting Career in Transportation

Yinan Zheng is a Ph.D. student in her last year in University of Florida’s transportation program. She was always interested in engineering, since both her parents were also engineers. She completed her undergraduate degree in civil engineering in China, but wasn’t sure what her focus would be. … [Read more...]

Central Virginia Girls Discover Transportation Careers

Last month, WTS Central Virginia Chapter's Transportation YOU program hosted 22 girls from 11 Richmond-area middle schools for their second annual “Girls in Transportation” event held at the MathScience Innovation Center. The event was a huge success and all the girls that participated left with a … [Read more...]

Project Idea: Fun with Rocket Science

Ever wonder how a rocket works? It's quite simple; a rocket is simply a chamber filled with pressurized gas. There is a small opening called a nozzle that allows the air to escape, causing thrust that propels the rocket. You can see how this happens when you blow up a balloon and let it go without … [Read more...]