Cell Phone Data Solves Traffic Problems

Atlanta traffic pictureIn today’s reality, everyone has a cell phone and generally travels everywhere with it. Since the introduction of smart phones, transportation engineers and innovators have been thinking about how it could help in transportation planning. Could cell phones help eliminate traffic jams? Natalie Dale, Spokeswoman for GDOT, says the department believes the new technology will ease traffic congestion. Georgia is so confident of this new technology they are installing sensors in a corridor to track phones and retrieve real-time traffic information. The special sensors will collect data which informs GDOT how many cars are on the road at a given time, how fast traffic is moving and where the traffic jams are. One concern many people have is privacy with this system. However, officials stress they are not able to read the content on the Bluetooth device to project the privacy of the drivers. Watch the special news feature about this revolutionary technology here:


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