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Jennifer Toth, Engineer, Arizona Dept. of Transportation, Phoenix, AZ

“I am very thankful for the opportunity to have participated in the Transportation You Summit.  I quickly realized that not only was it a chance in a lifetime for the mentees, but I also walked away with that feeling for myself.   The program that WTS developed was incredible and jam-packed.  The program exposed the group to all different facets of the transportation industry.  The diversity of the mentors provided a depth for the mentees to explore ranging from council members, business owners, private companies and public agencies.  It also had the diversity of federal, state, regional and local participation.   In addition, the Clemson University team provided a bridge to the mentees between where they are now and the professional world.  It allowed the mentees to explore and discuss the college experience and discuss with the team why they chose transportation for a major.  I walked away with a broader knowledge of transportation than I could have ever hoped to have been exposed to within my own career path as well as some wonderful friendships that will continue into the future.” ~Jennifer Toth

Marie Marston, P.E., Principal, Civil Works Engineers, Orange County, CA


“The Transportation YOU Youth Summit in Washington, DC, was an extraordinary opportunity for young women to gain exposure to many potential careers in transportation.   I’m sure the Summit planted new seeds for every young woman in attendance.  I know both my mentee and I had a fantastic time visiting the many venues, meeting top officials on our visits as well as within our very own group, and having fun along the way.  Additionally, the beautiful cherry blossoms, visits to national monuments, our cruise on the Presidential Sequoia yacht, and our Segway tour topped our experience!”  ~Marie Marston


Alena Rein, Bridge EIT, HDR Engineering, Inc., Denver, CO

“WTS Transportation YOU is an exciting mentoring program that takes the extra step toward inspiring young women to be a part of the transportation industry and make a tangible difference in our infrastructure and the way we live.  The effort and execution of the Transportation YOU summit in D.C. further demonstrated the true desire and effort being made to help support young women advance in transportation career opportunities.”   ~Alena Rein



“Transportation YOU provides many opportunities to seek and learn about careers in the transportation industry from professional, women engineers! You network with these amazing, working women and other girls who share the same interests.”  ~Erika B., Arizona




Gina McAfee, Senior Project Manager, Jacobs Engineering, Denver, CO

“I have so many positive things to say about my experience it is hard to figure out what exactly to say.  The Summit was extremely well organized with many behind-the-scenes opportunities to see what careers are available in the transportation industry.  The tours, the presentations, the knowledge gathered and the networking opportunities were all fabulous.  I only hope this is the first of many.”  ~Gina McAfee

Jasmine Pang, Student Riverside, CA



“The Transportation YOU DC Summit was an amazing experience! We got to visit important transportation-related buildings and meet influential speakers in the transportation field! Any girl considering a career in transportation should experience something like this!”  ~Jasmine Pang


Renee Yang, Student, Sacramento, CA


“Thank you for taking out so much time from your lives and offering students a chance to meet with so many professionals and showing us the opportunities available in the transportation field. I enjoyed this Youth Summit so much and hope other young women aspiring to be engineers will also be able to have this experience.”  ~Renee Yang