Hands-On Event: What is Hydraulics?

The NC Triangle chapter of WTS International recently held a Transportation YOU event called What is Hydraulics? with 10 girls attend and 15 mentors in attendance.

The evening started with an ice-breaker game of “People Bingo.” Everyone in the room was handed a bingo card with personal delineators such as wearing blue, has a family member who serves in the military, and have ever broken a bone. The participants mingled through the room to find folks who had these traits. Then you were able to mark that square off once an appropriate person was found. At the end of the game participants discussed who had which traits and the importance of not stereotyping people.

Following the game, Jenny Fleming, PE, DBE-Woman Business Owner, Hydraulics Engineer, and WTS member, spoke to the girls about her inspiration to become an engineer, her career history, and explained to the group about hydraulic engineering. She covered stream and wetland delineation and mitigation, the use of bio-retention areas, and the importance of water quality issues.

Fleming’s discussion was followed by a hands-on activity in which the girls poured different pollutants into potted plants to discover plants’ role in cleaning water. Dish liquid, powdered Ajax, vegetable oil, and red drink mix were all mixed with water and poured over potted plants with a clear basin underneath. The girls were able to see how the plants “cleaned” the water and improved the quality. A discussion about how these findings related to the natural world followed.

At the conclusion of the event, attendees celebrated with a Transportation YOU cake!

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