Making NYC Green: Transportation Commissioner is Creative Warrior!

You may not think a title like “Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation” sounds like a cool, innovative, or creatively challenging job, but Janette Sadik-Khan is here to challenge the notions you may have about the impact a woman with the right combination of education, problem-solving skills, and leadership strength can have on a city of more than 8 million people.

Sadik-Khan, in the face of many challenges—the least of which came from lots of bad press and outcries from those who’ve opposed her radical plans—has managed to alter New York’s traffic patterns, increase bike lanes, and provide for NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s vision for a greener city.

There are certainly some lessons here: lessons about being able to make a difference, about maintaining your position in the face of adversity, and certainly some lessons about how there is always room to keep learning and keep innovating. Check out the five-minute video below about Sadik-Khan’s Times Square traffic renovation. There’s also a great article written by Frank Bruni of The New York Times about Sadik-Khan’s bike-lane proliferation project at this link:


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