Professional Spotlight: Jaclyn Raciti–Making a Difference in Rail Systems

Jaclyn RacitiJaclyn Raciti was often told she would be a successful engineer because she was an exceptional math and science student in school. But it was during her undergraduate years at Drexel University that she found her passion for civil engineering. She wasn’t always sure which area of civil engineering she wanted to pursue. However, it became clear when she began working as a structural specialist at Jacobs, an engineering firm. In her role as a structural specialist, she analyzed existing structures and collaborated with senior engineers in the design of new structures for freight and passenger rail systems. It was from this experience that she became more focused on structural rail systems.

Jaclyn believes that coordinating her education and work experience has helped her work toward becoming an expert in rail structures. Her studies at Villanova University equipped her with the technical knowledge she needs as a structural engineer. Since starting in the program at Villanova, Jaclyn has expanded her skill set to include the design of complex concrete structures and the testing and analysis of civil engineering materials. Her experience at Jacobs has expanded her working knowledge of rail structures and has given her exposure to designing and analyzing bridge structures for seismic conditions and using various construction materials.

In addition to Jaclyn’s educational and professional experience, her involvement with WTS International has also helped achieve her goals. She was first introduced to WTS by her professors at Drexel University, during her undergraduate studies. Jaclyn applied for and received the Suzanne Axworthy Scholarship from the Philadelphia chapter of WTS in 2011. Since then, she has been an active member and served on various committees for multiple chapters. Jaclyn’s role in these committees has given her the opportunity to support young women in finding their passion. Participating in the Awards and Scholarship committee allowed her to help the new generation of young women pursuing careers in transportation  achieve their goals, while her involvement with the Transportation YOU program has allowed her to mentor young girls as they learn more about themselves and what they are capable of. Currently serving on the Programs Committee, Jaclyn hopes to create events that help showcase major projects that are happening in the area. As an active WTS member, Jaclyn enjoys having the opportunity to celebrate the professional achievements of companies that support diversity in their workplace and advancing women in the transportation industry.

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