Solar Bike Lane Saves the Environment

solar bike laneEngineers around the world are consistently working on ways to improve transportation while protecting the environment. In South Korea an innovative cycle lane was created with a solar powered roof, providing shelter from sun and rain for cyclists while generating renewable solar electricity. The solar panel covered bike lane offers a clean transit option that also utilizes unused space in the existing highway. However, the 20 mile path between Daejeon and Sejong runs down the middle of a six lane motorway. One might wonder, how do the cyclists get to the middle of the highway? Fortunately, there are pavilions at bridge crossings so cyclists can carry or ride their bikes up from below where the road goes under the highway.

This ingenious concept seems to be a win-win. Commuters are inspired to ditch their four wheels and an engine for two wheels and pedals while the solar panels produce renewable solar electricity in an environmentally friendly way.

To learn more about this bike path, check out this video recorded from a drone camera. A viewer can see the bicycle road between Daejeon and Sejong: both cities are located 2 to 3 hours south of Seoul.



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