TU Explores and Educates at the Philadelphia Science Carnival

philadelphia science fairEach May for the last three years, WTS Philadelphia Transportation YOU participants have been attending the Philadelphia Science Carnival. This exciting event is filled with interactive booths as well as exhibits and some speaker series related to careers in the science field. The group of Transportation YOU mentors and mentees had the chance to explore the carnival, checking out some of the booths together and doing things such as making Gak and Silly Putty or doing some quick science experiments. This year, they not only had a chance to visit the fascinating booths there but also had the opportunity to staff a booth for the event.

Each booth at the Philadelphia Science Center had to answer a question related to a career in science. The Transportation YOU representatives answered the question, “How do Transportation Engineers Gear Up for Safety?”  The exhibit provided an interactive demonstration of how transportation engineers keep safe when working on different work sites. Visitors to the booth had the opportunity to try on various forms of safety gear and learned about what each is used for. Once all “geared up” they had their picture taken dressed up as an engineer!

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