Become a Mentor

Mentoring is at the heart of the Transportation YOU initiative. When addressing the National Partnership for Women and Families, Michelle Obama stressed the need for mentorship programs: “If we truly want to keep moving forward, our focus must not only be on the next set of issues, but on the next set of leaders, as well. And it’s our responsibility to engage and inspire that next generation. It’s our responsibility to reach back and keep pulling up those promising young leaders.”

Why mentor?

* Expose girls to opportunities in transportation fields early.
* Inspire mentees to set high goals.
* Provide girls with the tools to succeed academically and, eventually, professionally.
* Be a positive role model!

What does a Transportation YOU mentor do?

Each mentor will be assigned one to three girls, whatever best suits the relationship. When first assigned a mentee, mentors will invite her to coffee or lunch so that they can start to get to know each other. After the initial meeting, mentors and their protégés should meet monthly. A mentor aspires to build a casual and friendly relationship – mentees should feel comfortable calling their mentor if they have questions or even life updates.

Mentors are asked to show their protégés around their workplace. They’re also encouraged to take their girls to WTS chapter events and to introduce them to other women in transportation fields. Above all, mentors should act as a resource. They are asked to provide guidance and to answer mentees’ questions honestly and sincerely. Mentor/protégés conversations revolve around identifying and taking advantage of opportunities. A mentor’s main responsibility is to tell their story: What is your success story? What challenges did you face? How did you overcome adversity?

How do I become a mentor?

Only WTS International members are eligible to be Transportation YOU mentors. Contact your WTS chapter leadership to be paired with a protégé.

If you are a transportation professional interested in joining WTS International, click HERE.

Questions? Contact Sonali Shah at (202) 955-5085 or at